S-GE at the AO Center

14. February 2019

Switzerland Global Enterprise visits AO Foundation

Switzerland Global Enterprise​ (S-GE), the driver of a global network of experts and a trusted and strong partner to clients, cantons, and the Swiss government, has published an interview with AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) Director Professor Geoff Richards.

S-GE visited the AO Foundation's Davos headquarters in August 2018 to learn more about how the AO is advancing patient outcomes around the world. The tour focused on ARI's current research and development activities, in particular the growth of personalized medicine, and Richards was able to tell the visiting delegation about the AO's work in China and ARI's fellowship program.

In this interview with S-GE, Richards explores the unique advantages of carrying out research in a multinational location in the Swiss mountains – Davos. Read the full interview.