Stephan Perren AOTrauma Research Traveling Fellowship

31. January 2019

First fellowship recipients complete visit to the AO Research Institute Davos

l-r: Alberto Jorge-Mora; Stephan Perren, AO Foundation founder; Eran Keltz; Prof Boyko Gueorguiev, ARI Biomedical Development program leader; Prof R Geoff Richards, ARI Director, in the AO Center

The first recipients of the Stephan Perren AOTrauma Research Traveling Fellowship have completed their two-week visit to the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI). This fellowship was established to give young and enthusiastic researchers with specific interest in trauma care the opportunity to visit ARI and Julius Wolff Institute, Berlin, Germany. 

l-r: Perren; Keltz; and Jorge-Mora look at a globe showing the 
route Perren took when he travelled the world in a single-engine
airplane to call attention to the problems of osteoporotic disease

One of the first recipients is Alberto Jorge-Mora, consultant, University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He was motivated to apply for the fellowship and come to ARI to get a first-hand insight into its latest innovations. Jorge-Mora plans to take what he learned in Davos back to his home country, where he also hopes to develop productive and mutually beneficial relations between ARI and the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela.

"The best part of the experience was meeting other people who are interested in the same things as you, there are a lot of researchers, and that is not common in clinical practice, so it is really nice to meet them here." 

He described his meeting with Perren as "one of the best moments, he is an incredible, kind guy with a very interesting history. One of the best researchers I have ever met."

Describing his experience at ARI he said, "I have really learned a lot - new friends, collaboration, new ideas."

​Eran Keltz, resident, Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel, was also appointed a Stephan Perren AOTrauma Research Traveling Fellow. On having the opportunity to visit ARI he shared, "I've always been fascinated by trauma and wanted to see where things are developed from and what I can contribute back home. It really opens your mind."

l-r: Gueorguiev; Perren; Jorge-Mora; and Keltz discussing at the
AO Center​

ARI Biomedical Development program leader Prof Boyko Gueorguiev stated that "this fellowship gives us a valuable opportunity to work with some of the brightest young minds in their fields. By bringing them into our work here in Davos, we have the opportunity see what we are developing from a new perspective, and also to show them some of the latest cutting-edge advances in our field. We also greatly value the opportunity to build broader cooperation with institutions around the world."

The second call for applications is open until February 11, 2019. Interested young AOTrauma members from Europe and Southern Africa can find more information and application details here​.​​​​​