AO Davos Courses 2018 sees the launch of two much-needed new books

12. December 2018

AO Education Institute and AOTrauma launch new publications at AO Davos Courses 2018

The AO Education Institute and AOTrauma launched two new books at this year's AO Davos Courses: a book on fragility fracture treatment - Osteoporotic Fracture Care—Medical and Surgical Management by the editors Michael Blauth, Stephen L Kates, and Joseph A Nicholas; and Manual of Fracture Management—Wrist by editors and experienced AOTrauma faculty Jesse Jupiter, Douglas Campbell, and Fiesky Nunez.

These books are important additions to the suite of educational resources and reference guides offered by the AO. Osteoporotic Fracture Care—Medical and Surgical Management is the first of its kind, offering the reader a how-to manual on the current best practice in osteoporotic and orthogeriatric care. 

Cutting the ribbon (l-r) Nikolaus Renner, AO Foundation Past President; Michael Blauth, book editor; and Joseph A Nicholas,book editor
AO Foundation Past President Nikolaus Renner congratulated the editors for being the driving force behind the project and thanked them for this outstanding and inspiring new publication, for their long-standing commitment, and excellent contributions to the AO Foundation.

"As patients with fragility fractures are commonly suffering from a variety of concomitant diseases or conditions, the surgical intervention by itself is only one component which is decisive with regards to the outcome. The average orthopedic trauma surgeon may be an expert in fracture fixation but is rarely also an expert in treating the complexity of the co-morbidities. This is clearly the expertise of both geriatricians and internal medicine specialist. It therefore makes sense that the editorial team is composed of two very prominent AO surgeons and a specialist in geriatric internal medicine."

Editors Joseph A Nicholas and Michael Blauth expressed their gratitude to AOTrauma, the AO Education Institute, and AO Publishing teams for the inspiration and support throughout the editorial process.

The AO Davos Courses 2018 also saw the launch of Manual of Fracture Management—Wrist, by editors and experienced AOTrauma faculty Jesse Jupiter, Douglas Campbell, and Fiesky Nunez. This book explores the management of traumatic and reconstructive problems of the distal radius, distal ulna, and the carpals, the key components of the wrist.

Celebrating the launch (l-r) Douglas Campbell, book editor; Wa'el Taha, AOTrauma Education Commission Chair; and Fiesky Nunez, book editor
Chair of AOTrauma Education Commission Wa'el Taha congratulated the editors and thanked them for their significant contribution to education at the AO. "Ten years ago AOTrauma produced a highly successful fracture management book on hand and wrist surgery, which was edited by Jesse Jupiter, but since then there have been tremendous innovations in the world of surgery, with changes in technology and in surgical techniques. That is why it was decided to update this groundbreaking publication, and today it is my honor to launch the new wrist fracture management book, and to congratulate the authors for their outstanding work," Wa'el Taha said.

The Manual of Fracture Management—Wrist can be pre-ordered here

Osteoporotic Fracture Care—Medical and Surgical Management can be ordered here.