Changing lives with AOTrauma

27. November 2018

How AO methods change lives – One patient's story

Mauricio Kfuri preparing for surgery
It was a just simple text message of thanks—made more poignant by an attached photo of the Fernando Dezotti hugging his wife 3,000 meters up a mountain on the Argentinian-Chilean border. It profoundly moved Mauricio Kfuri, a leading figure in the AO community and one of the world’s foremost trauma surgeons: His patient had made the ascent on foot, completely unaided.

Fernando Dezotti and his wife
"My friend Dr Kfuri. The fix is perfect. I hope you're doing well. I'd like to share with you this moment." the message read. The "fix" to which Dezotti referred was one of the toughest joint repair jobs Kfuri and his team had ever carried out, and the ascent was a resounding personal triumph symbolically marking the end of years of suffering inflicted by a high energy trauma to the ankle.

Dezotti is a textbook example of how patients benefit from the AO effect: By educating surgeons, facilitating knowledge transfer, and updating literature with best practices and new technologies, the foundation drives excellence in patient care through communities around the world. 

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