AO Davos Courses – AOVET update

16. November 2018

AOVET's leading surgeons outline their Masters level feline orthopedics offering at this year's AO Davos Courses

At the AO Davos Courses this December, AOVET is pleased to present its Masters Course—Feline Orthopedics and Traumatology, chaired by Rico Vannini and Daniel Damur, and co-chaired by Julien Cabassu, giving participants key insights into specific challenges in feline traumas.

Premier content and world-class faculty make the small animal courses at the AO Davos Courses a 'must' for a significant number of participants who return every year, Vannini said. “We have built a reputation as a truly first-class veterinary educational opportunity. But what really makes the AOVET small animal courses in Davos so unique is that they have evolved as an opportunity for participants to meet and interact with the world’s top veterinary surgeons,” Vannini explained. “All of us—faculty and participants—learn from one another.”

Both Vannini and Damur are excited about the small animal course in December, together with Cabassu, who joined the duo last year as co-chair, the AOVET Masters Course—Feline Orthopedics and Traumatology—represents a rare and unique chance for participants to gain insights on an in-demand topic.

“The cat population in Europe is higher than the dog population, so there is a big demand in Europe for feline orthopedics education,” Damur said, adding that feline patients present unique challenges, ranging from their smaller bones and propensity for jumping and climbing to their particular anesthesia needs. “Cats are not small dogs. They are completely different. For example, they are not easy to restrict or keep calm after surgery, and they need special, miniaturized implants.”

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