AOTrauma Innovation in Education awards update

08. November 2018

Virtual reality simulator wins first AOTrauma Innovation in Education award

With virtual reality glasses and handheld 3-D controllers learners can practice intraoperative X-ray imaging in a lifelike and engaging way 
A five-person project team from Germany will be awarded the inaugural AOTrauma Innovation in Education award at the AO Davos Courses 2018 in Davos, Switzerland. The team's innovative virtual-reality simulator for teaching radiation hazards prevention was praised by the jury for being a highly innovative and effective tool.

The winning team comprises Klaus Dresing, Michael Teistler, Matthias Suencksen, Markus Wagner, and Oliver Bott. Their simulation-based application combines video game technology and virtual reality technology to provide a user-friendly, enjoyable, and motivational training tool that offers high educational value for intra-operative C-arm imaging. It helps health care professionals operate C-arms more effectively and therefore avoid unnecessary radiation exposure and intraoperative delays.

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