DKOU 2018

05. October 2018

The AO Foundation will present a great variety of symposia at this year's DKOU in Berlin, Germany from October 23-26, 2018

The participants at this year's DKOU 2018 (German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology) will have the opportunity to visit 11 different AO Foundation symposia, delivered by 25 AO speakers and faculty members. They will also be able to trial the biphasic plating concept and network with surgeons at the AO lounge (hall 2.2, booth 23). 

A complete schedule of the symposia's offered by AOTrauma, AOSpine, and AORecon​ can be found below. In addition to the symposia we encourage participants to attend the following special events: 

- Global Spine Journal Special Issue: Chat with the Editor 

- AOTrauma Deutschland Empfang am Currywurst Stand 

- AOTrauma Europe and Southern Africa reception in front of room London 1 

The AO is once again proud to be part of this annual DKOU meeting. 

AO Foundation Symposia

Tuesday, October 23

Ti​me​ DKOU Code​ Room​ Symposium​ C​hair(s)​
​11:00-12:30 ​AV12 ​Grosser Saal AOT Deutschland: Meine 5 wichti​gsten Operationen auf dem Weg zu einem guten Chirurgen
​Michael Raschke, Florian Gebhard, Ulrich Stöckle​
14:30- 16:00 ​AV69 New York 1 ​AOSpine Germany: Querschnittsyndrom – ein Update ​Oliver Gonschorek, Markus Schultheiss
​16:30-18:00 ​AV71 ​New York 1 ​AOTrauma D-A-CH: Tipps und Tricks für die Behandlung komplexer Gelenkfrakturen Olivier Borens, Karl-Heinz Frosch, Franz Kralinger

Wednesday, October 24

Time​ DKOU Code​ Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​12:00-13:00 AOF Booth​ Global Spine Journal Special Issue: Discuss and Chat with the Editor
​Frank Kandziora
​14:30-16:00 ​AV35 ​Dublin AOT Deutschland: Korrekturmöglichkeiten bei fehlgeschlagener Osteosynthese
​Felix Bonnaire, Ulf Culemann, Christof A. Müller
​16:00-17:00 ​AOT Deutschland Empfang am Currywurst Stand
​16:30-18:00 ​IN31 New York 2 AOT Deutschland: Preisträgersitzung Nachwuchsförderung mit Verleihung AOT Wissenschaftspreis​ ​Georg N. Duda, Hans-Christoph Pape, Richard Stange
​16:30-18:00 ​IN28 London 1​ AORecon in cooperation with BOA and COA: Management of complications ​Carsten Perka, Fares Haddad

Thursday, October 25

Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​AV37 Dublin​ AOTrauma Akademie: Komplexe Fälle mit Pseudoarthrosen
​Hans-Jörg Oestern, Christian Heiss, Wolfgang Lehmann
​IN30 ​London 1​ AOTESA/AORecon: Perisprothetic Fractures
​Felix Bonnaire, Michael Raschke
​London 1​ ​AOTESA reception in front of room London 1​
​IN31 London 1​
AOTESA: Proximal Femur ​Reto Babst, Marco Berlusconi

Friday, October 26

Room​ Symposium​ Chair(s)​
​IN23 Paris 2​ AORecon: The posttraumatic knee
​Carsten Perka, Luigi Zagra​