The AO Davos Courses: Where innovation and education excellence meet

28. September 2018

AO Foundation Davos Courses 2018

This year's AO Davos Courses will be held from December 2 to December 12, 2018, at the Davos Congress Center. Since the first Davos Courses in 1960, they have grown to become the AO's flagship educational event, and have gained a well-earned reputation as the gold standard in hands-on learning for surgeons and operating room personnel that specialize in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

Held in Davos, a science and research hub in the Swiss Alps, the AO Davos Courses offer surgeons at all stages of their career the chance to build their network and develop their skills. Permeated with the AO spirit of peer-to-peer collaboration and pioneering scientific inquiry, the AO Davos Courses provide a unique environment for professionals to come together, share their experiences, and learn from the top surgeons in their fields.

AO Foundation President Robert McGuire says: "We look forward to your participation in the 2018 Davos Courses, which will provide an excellent opportunity to develop international friendships as well as intellectual exchange on the management of many musculoskeletal disorders."

This year, the AO Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary, and several special events will be held during the Davos Courses to mark the AO's decades of commitment to promoting excellence, transforming surgery, and changing lives.

Previous years' participants have said that the Davos Courses offer something truly unique. Dr Chibuzo Uguru from Nigeria who attended AOCMF sessions at the 2017 Davos Courses said that "the Davos Courses gives you an opportunity to network with people and meet people. It's a wonderful thing. If you're a maxillofacial surgeon in Africa, you've got to be here, the AO rocks!"

This positive experience is common to all AO Davos Courses participants – whatever their area of specialty, the Davos Courses offers an outstanding opportunity to gain new skills and advance your career. Carolyn Chadwick from the UK who attended the 2017 event praised it for being "very well organized, excellent faculty, relevant content, and efficient timekeeping," while Hafize Heutschi-Öztürk from Switzerland said "sharing experiences with colleagues from all over the world is a real pleasure." Ahmed Kholeif from Egypt said that "AO Trauma opened a new world for me, not only regarding my professional career, but opened the world for new friends in a good spirit."

Participants in previous years' AOVET Davos Courses have similar praise for the event and the organization. Sotirios Borgios from Greece who attended in 2017 said that "this has been an excellent course and a rewarding experience for me. This is my second AO experience. I have learned many things here that I can apply to my daily practice."

Keat Ooi, orthopedic surgeon, Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Australia said that AOSpine's MIS courses are "a ritual experience that every surgeon should go through. You have to do this at least once in a lifetime. You get the best tips and tricks - all the stuff that you just don't get from the textbooks."

This year's inspirational courses include:
  • 14 different courses for AOTrauma​ participants
  • AOSpine's three modules that all include both discussion and hands-on elements looking at microdecompression and endoscopy, endoscopy and percutaneous fixation, and percutaneous fixation and microdecompression
  • AOCMF is offering its popular Masters Courses tailored to experienced surgeons' needs and involving the international line-up of top AOCMF faculty
  • AOVET offers its Masters Course in Feline Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • AORecon offers two advanced level courses, one in arthroplasty and the other in periprosthetic fracture management of the hip and knee, both including dry bone exercises
  • AOTK System's appealing Meet the Expert sessions – an essential part of the Davos Courses for surgeons at all stages of their career

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