World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2018

26. July 2018

Cancer treatment and compassion in equal measures

Dr Satyesh “Sat” Parmar (right) with his colleague Dr Tim Martin (left)​

Even with the best treatment, half of all head and neck cancer patients die of the disease. Dr Satyesh “Sat” Parmar compassionately accompanies them on their treatment journeys. 

“Our patients tend to be slightly older because head and neck cancer is extremely rare in children. The patients come from all walks of life,” he explains at the end of a 12-hour day of surgery. His voice brightens as he discusses his patients: “We get to know our patients and their families very well and—hopefully—take them through the most difficult journey of their lives.” 

With the World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2018 taking place on July 27, read about Sat and his experience​ as a consultant surgeon specializing in oral and maxillofacial, head and neck, and reconstructive surgery at the University Hospital of Birmingham (GB).