Obituary—Dr Hugo Max Grove

13. April 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of AO Senior Trustee Dr Hugo Max Grove

Written by Sergio Fernandez, Senior Trustee Latin America, Santiago, Chile

Esteemed AO Foundation friend and Senior Trustee Dr Hugo Max Grove passed away peacefully in Santiago, Chile in December 2017.  He demonstrated leadership both in the AO and in many educational and personal endeavors. As a senior trustee, Grove developed the very first AO Foundation activities in Latin America. His life was characterized by the care he showed to his AO colleagues and to his patients. 

As a member of the AO Foundation, Grove—known as “Maco” to his friends—often encouraged younger generations to engage with the AO and promote the AO Principles of Fracture Care. As a founding father of AO Latin America, he worked tirelessly to share the AO spirit, his experience and his knowledge selflessly and without concern for personal recognition. Beyond contributing to the professional growth of his colleagues and peers, he also attended to their personal development.

Gr​ove was respected as a master and pioneer in orthopedics and traumatology and his considerable efforts contributed to the field’s development in Chile.  He was a founder of and taught at the Instituto de Seguridad del Trabajo (Institute of Work Safety) and was network manager for hospitals and care centers.

Grove will be remembered not only for his leadership and scientific activities, but also for his kindness and generosity. He will be greatly missed by his friends at the AO Foundation.