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The Specialty AOTKs consist of:

  • Five medical members. Exceptions are possible with approval of the TKEB

  • The Chair of the AO Specialty Educational Commission without voting rights to ensure the link to AO Education

  • Representatives from the industrial partner without voting rights

The Chairs of the AOTKs must always be medical members.

AO Technical Commission

The four AO Technical Commissions (AOTK) for Trauma, Spine, CMF and Neuro are the governing bodies of their clinical area within the AOTK System. 

The AOTKs propose to the AOTK Executive Board (TKEB) to appoint and dissolve Expert Groups, which provide expert opinion in the respective areas of specialty. The AOTKs support, guide, and supervise the work of their Expert Groups.


Further tasks

  • To define the need for new or improved technologies and procedures
  • To convey the defined needs for research, development and clinical investigation
  • To review the priorities and propositions of their Expert Groups according to the general aims of the AO Foundation
  • To approve new devices and methodso approve new devices and methods
  • To approve preclinical and clinical studies proposed by the Expert Groupso approve preclinical and clinical studies proposed by the Expert Groups
  • To appoint Task Forceso appoint Task Forces

The AOTKs are the only bodies empowered to approve a device (product) or method (technology) indicated for their specialty as a product, which may be advertised as a product approved by the AO Foundation. The approval procedure is defined by the AOTK Executive Board.

Medical members
AOTK Trauma members AOSpine TK members AOTK CMF members            ​AOTK Neuro members
Tim Pohlemann,
Chair, DE
Maarten Spruit, Chair, NL Daniel Buchbinder, Chair, US
Theerachai Apivatthakakul, TH Roger Härtl, US Nils-Claudius Gellrich, DE
David Helfet, US Frank Kandziora, DE Rainer Schmelzeisen, DE
Dankward Höntzsch, DE Jean Ouellet, CA Damir Matic, CA 
Keith Mayo, US Christian Mazel, FR Alf Nastri, AUS
Jack Zigler, US
​​Venugopal L. Menon, OM
Melissa Forster​
Andrea Chierici
Lois Wallach
Lois Wallach



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