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Cross-specialty Expert Groups and Task Forces

Anti-Infection Expert Group (AIEG)
Chair Michael Verhofstad, NL
Members Willem-Jan Metsemakers, BE; Andrej Trampuz, DE; Kirsten Kortram, NL; Zhao Xie, CN; William Obremskey, US​
Contact Management: Lois Wallach, CH; Coordination: Regina Brun, CH

The Anti-Infection Expert Group (AIEG) is a cross-specialty group within the AOTK System. It was established to guide the development of products, techniques and protocols for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of surgical infection.

Computer Assisted and Image Guided Surgery Expert Group (CIEG)
Chair Paul Grützner, DE
Members Amir Matityahu, US; Marc Metzger, DE; Meir Liebergall, IL; Edward Strong, US; Alexander Schramm, DE; Andrew Bucknill, AU; Avelino Parajon, ES; Seth Yarboro, US; Greg Osgood, US
Contact Management: Claas Albers, CH; Coordination: Regina Brun, CH​

Reamer Irrigator Aspirator Task Force (RIATF)
Chair Hans-Christoph Pape, DE
Members Gerhard Schmidmaier, DE; Ingo Marzi, DE; Christof Müller, DE; David Hak, US; Brent Norris, US; Martijn Poeze, NL; Peter Giannoudis, UK; Brett Crist, US
Contact Management: Lois Wallach, CH; Coordination: Regina Brun, CH

The Reamer Irrigator Aspirator Task Force (RIATF) is a group of ten orthopedic surgeons, tasked with overseeing technical improvements to the next generation Reamer Irrigator Aspirator system.

Smart Digital Solutions Task Force (SDSTF)
Chair Benedikt Braun, DE
Members Bernd Grimm, DE; Peter Richter, DE​; Meir Marmor, US
Contact Management: Ursula Eberli, CH; Coordination: Sarah Carbis, CH​

The Smart Digital Solutions Task Force (SDSTF) is a group of young digitally savvy individuals, tasked to pave the way of technologies such as wearables and smart implants towards clinics.

Internal Distraction Task Force (IDTF)
Chair Chang-Wug OH, KR
Members Scott Bartlett, US; Philip Horsting, NL; Steffen Rosslenbroich, DE 
Contact Management: Karsten Schwieger, CH; Coordination: Sarah Carbis, CH​

The Internal Distraction Task Force (IDTF) is a cross-specialty group including members of Trauma, Spine and CMF. It was established to define clinical needs which might be addressed with internal distraction devices. Based on the identified clinical needs potential solutions will be evaluated with the aim of realizing these with external partners. 

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