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AOTK System – Expert Groups


The AOTK System is comprised of 19 Expert Groups. The Expert Groups consist of five medical members who work together to identify new solutions to existing clinical needs. The Chair is always one of the medical members. Consultants of the AO Research Institute and AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation are invited to Expert Group meetings when necessary. Each Expert Group requires representation from the industrial partner according to the needs of the running projects.

Special care is taken to ensure that the Expert Groups evolve in line with changing requirements and react promptly to the needs of the medical community. New research insights are considered, new possibilities for development evaluated and new needs and trends studied.

  • The Expert Groups consist of experts in the respective areas of medical specialty.
  • The Expert Groups provide a clear understanding of current and future scientific direction in their relevant field. Through clinical research and new developments, the Expert Groups advance surgical methods and techniques.
  • The Expert Groups are open to ideas from outside the AOTK System.

Tasks of the Expert Groups

  • Developing new devices and methods in close collaboration with the industrial partner.
  • Evaluating device improvements.
  • Evidence creation.
  • Defining the clinical evaluation process.
  • Defining clinical requirements for approval of devices and methods.
  • Proposing devices and methods for approval and/or for elimination to the AOTKs.
  • Monitoring the clinical success of approved devices and/or methods.
  • Providing recommendations regarding educational content. 

The Expert Groups work according to the Milestone ConceptTK Milestone Concept



Expert Group Chairmen Meeting

At least once a year the Chairs of the Technical Commissions and the Chairs of the Expert Groups and Project Teams meet to

  • Discuss future research fields and top priority projects of the AOTK System
  • Exchange ideas and inform about ongoing projects

Task Forces and Project Teams

For the project work, temporary Project Teams and Task Forces can be appointed. The aim of the Project Teams is mainly the development of new or modified devices and methods within a given area. Task Forces are generally focused on specific clinical problems.


AOTK System – Expert Groups

AOTK System – Expert Groups
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