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Trademark Information

The solutions presented in the Approved Solutions system and throughout this site are subject to trademark protection by the internationally registered figurative brands "approved by AOTK" and/or "APPROVED BY AO Foundation" as shown, but not limited to the colors or size presented here. The use of these brands is regulated by licensing agreements between the AO Foundation and the producers providing those products to the markets, who are obliged to use these trademarks to declare these products as AOTK, respectively AO Foundation approved solutions.

Any unauthorized or inadequate use of these trademarks is subject to legal actions.

Logo: Approved by AOTK RGB

Logo: Approved by AO Foundation RGB
Logo: Approved by AOTK BW
Logo: Approved by AO Foundation BW
      ​For engraving or embossing:​
Logo: Approved by AO Foundation BW for engraving

AOTK System – Expert Groups

AOTK System – Expert Groups
- Trauma
- Spine
- Craniomaxillofacial​
- Veterinary
- Task Forces