AOTK Management Team
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 ​Davos, Switzerland
Phone: +41 81 414 24 70
Fax:     +41 81 414 22 90

AOTK Management Team

AOTK System team

Claas Albers, Christoph Nötzli, Melissa Forster, Ursula Eberli, Daniel Buchbinder, Tim Pohlemann, Géraldine Pozzan, Vanessa Schenk, Lois Wallach, Regina Brun, Laura Hartmann, Karsten Schwieger, Maarten Spruit, Evelyn Florin, Andrea Chierici.

The AOTK Management Team administrates the AOTK System. The AOTK Group managers and assistants prepare and conduct meetings, ensure thorough documentation and effective project management. The AOTK Management Team's primary goal is to provide an optimal environment to the medical members so that their clinical input is implemented in the development process.

The AOTK Management is responsible for all information on

  • meetings (logistics, agenda, minutes, enclosures, etc)
  • projects (project lists, coordination of information, workflow support, etc)
  • devices and methods

The AOTK Management administers the AOTK databases (minutes, project information, enclosures etc.).

Further tasks

  • definition of unique project numbers and names
  • organization of meetings (venue, accommodation and travel, etc)
  • budgeting and financial controlling of the AOTK System
  • documentation of all project information, descriptions, indications, relevant for the approval of the device/method by the Specialty AOTK
  • providing specific information to other AO institutions on request
  • production of the AOTK System Innovations Magazine and update of the AO Innovations website