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AO^TK System Innovations

​In close collaboration with its industrial partners, the AO Foundation constantly develops new operation techniques, implants and instruments under the medical guidance of independent surgeons. Responsible for the development and clinical testing of these devices is an organization of medical-technical committees called the AOTK System.

Being one of the four AO Institutes, it consists of specialized Technical Commissions and various Expert Groups and Task Forces in which around 120 surgeons work with engineers and researchers on the solution of clinical problems.

AO Techni​cal Commission
The four AO Technical Commissions (AOTKs) for Trauma, Spine, CMF and Neuro are the governing bodies of their clinical areas within the AOTK System. The AOTKs propose to the AOTK Executive Board to appoint and dissolve Expert Groups, which provide expert opinion in the respective areas of specialty. The AOTKs support, guide, and supervise the work of their Expert Groups. The AOTKs are the only bodies empowered to approve a device (product) or method (technology) indicated for their specialty as a product, which may be advertised as "Approved by the AO Foundation". The approval procedure is defined by the AOTK Executive Board. 



AOTK System Innovations Magazine 


In this issue:

  • Trauma
  • Spine
  • Veterinary
  • CMF
  • Neuro

The AOTK proudly launches the 2016 edition of the AOTK System Innovations Magazine. This publication details six new technologies for use in Trauma, Spine and Veterinary surgery and includes supporting articles from the AO Research Institute and AO Education. More​…​​​






TK Executive Board
The AOTK Executive Board (TKEB) is the steering and supervising board of the AOTK System. 

As in all boards of the AO Foundation, the independent surgeons ensure decision making according to clinical necessities. More​…​​