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AOTK Innovation Prize

First presented in 1991, the prestigious AOTK Innovation Prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions and continued improvement to patient care.

Daniel Buchbinder, who received the AOTK Innovation Prize in 2016, presents the certificate of the 2018 award to Karl Stoffel​​

The 2018 winner of the AOTK Innovation Prize is Karl Stoffel, MD, PhD, who is Deputy Head of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology at the Kantonsspital Baselland. Karl Stoffel, medical member of the Lower Extremity Expert Group since 2012, supervised and guided the development of the Femoral Neck System which is a fixed-angle gliding fixation device for minimally invasive fixation of femoral neck fractures (see also 2017 edition of the AOTK Innovations Magazine). The innovative ideas of Karl Stoffel influenced the design of the implant and instrument set as well as the surgical technique.​

As chair of the Periprosthetic Fracture Taskforce Karl Stoffel was also involved in the development of a new modular plating system which heavily relied on his design input. The AOTK congratulates Karl Stoffel on his achievements and is looking forward to a continuing fruitful collaboration with him to further advance patient care.​

Previous Prizes

​2016 ​Daniel Buchbinder, Rainer Schmelzeisen, Nils-Claudius Gellrich, Damir Matic, Alf L Nastri, Scott P Bartlett, Carl-Peter Cornelius​
​​2013 ​​Michael Mayer, Michael J Raschke, Gerhard Schmidmaier
​2012 ​Per-Henrik Agren, Michael Gastro, Juan B Gerstner Garcés, Leslie Grujic, Andrew K Sands, Ian G Winson
​2011 ​Theodor F Slongo
​2010 ​Emanuel Gauttier, Romano Matthys-Mark, Dieter Wahl, Peter Toggwiler, Peter Däscher, Urs Schlegel
​2008 ​Alberto A Fernández Dell‘Oca

AO Recognition Award

The AO Recognition Award was first presented in 1995 to the Hand Study Group. From that date the award has been consistently extended to individuals within the AOTK in recognition of their lifetime achievements to product innovation and patient care.

From left Tim Pohlemann, David Helfet, Claas Albers and Nikolaus Renner, AO Recognition award 2017 

In July 2017 the Recognition Award was presented to David L Helfet; an AOTK member since 1998 from New York in USA. The AOTK would like to thank David for his enduring engagement and signification impact on the AO Foundation throughout his career.

David certainly stands in good company following his receipt of the award in July. Previous winners of the AO Recognition Award include Dankward Höntzsch (2016), Pietro Regazzoni (2012) and Stephan Perren (2004). We would like to thank David for his career long contributions to the AOTK and wish him all the best.

Previous Awards

​​​2016 Dankward Höntzsch
​2012 ​​Pietro Regazzoni
​2010 ​Paul W Pavlov
​2008 ​Jörg Auer
​2006 ​Sigvard T Hansen jr.
​2004 ​Stephan M Perren



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