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AO Development Incubator BoardAO Development Incubator Board (l-r): Han Jo Kim, Michael Schütz, Keita Ito, D. Todd Dollinger and Robert Frigg.

Second call for proposals
September 18, 2017

Building on the success of our first call for proposals earlier this year, we are pleased to announce ​the next call for innovations that promote excellence in treating trauma and musculoskeletal disorders, is open.

​The AO Foundation has been innovating for nearly 60 years; the AO Development Incubator (AODI) serves to unleash innovation potential, which contributes to the improvement of outcomes for trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. All inventors with a relevant idea are encouraged to apply on our website here. The closing date for this call is November 15, 2017.

Innovators with approved proposals will receive support to build and execute their project plans towards a proof of concept and valorization. In partnership, the AO and the inventor will share project development and generated value.

For more information, or to apply with a proposal, email us at​.