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AO Development Incubator visualThird Call for Proposals Concluded
June 18, 2018

AO Development Incubator's first call for proposals of 2018 sparks strong community interest

The AO Development Incubator, a central innovation driver at the AO Foundation, received about 80 applications from 30 countries across all specialist fields in its first call for proposals of 2018. This call, the third in total since it launched this initiative, is now closed. 

The overwhelmingly positive response to this latest call, which aims to identify innovations that have the potential to transform orthopedic and trauma surgery, demonstrates the Incubator's broad reach among surgeons in all areas of specialism across five continents.

Over half the proposals were received through the online application form. 

This graphic shows the proposals' countries of origin:

The AODI's latest call for proposal has attracted dozens of applications from 30 countries, demonstrating its continuing wide geographic reach and appeal to professionals and innovators.

The applications received covered all areas, from Trauma to Spine, from Implants to Biomaterial, and involved different levels of innovations, from incremental impr​ovements to applications for new technologies.

Over the coming months, all proposals will be assessed by the AO Development Incubator Board (AODIB​) according to the following criteria: clinical needs, market potential, technology, intellectual property rights, regulatory, and legal. 

Successful proposals will be selected for the next phase, where details of the applications will be discussed after a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed. Finally, the shortlisted inventors will be invited to discuss their proposals in person with the AODIB in October 2018. 

The AODI issues two calls for proposals each year. Since its launch in 2017, interest has grown rapidly and remains strong.

second call for proposals for 2018 will be launched on September 10, and for the first time the application process will be completely online. 

​​​​​Further information will be available on the AODI web page on launch day.​​​​​

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