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AO Development Incubator visualFirst Call for Proposals Concluded
August 14, 2017

The goal of the AO Development Incubator (AODI) is to unleash the innovation potential of the AO community. It supports inventors to build and execute project plans towards a proof of concept and valorization, and is open to anyone within the AO or from outside the foundation. 

The first call for proposals is now completed, and the response was very positive. Innovative proposals on trauma and digital innovations, as well as medical tools, spine, CMF, and education were received from 17 countries. The countries ranged from Singapore, Libya, Switzerland, India, and Germany, to Venezuela, UK, Austria, USA, and Oman. 

All the proposals were assessed by the AO Development Incubator Board (AODIB)​. As a specialty board within the AO, the AODIB comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds. The board consists of two surgeons, two medical industry experts, and a research and development expert, which guarantees a targeted use of funds. These experts are:

  • Prof Dr Michael Schütz, AODIB Chair—Professor of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (DE)
  • Han Jo Kim MD (Spine)—Hospital for Special Surgery, New York (US)
  • Robert Frigg—Delegate of the board of 41medical AG, Bettlach (CH)
  • D Todd Dollinger—Chairman and CEO of Trendlines Group, Misgav (IS)
  • Prof Dr Keita Ito, AOFB Research & Development expert—Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)

The proposals were evaluated against the following criteria: clinical needs, market potential, technology, intellectual property rights, regulatory, and legal issues. Ten proposals were selected for the next phase, and applicants were asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and submit their detailed idea. Three of these ten proposals have been now shortlisted and the inventors will be invited to discuss their proposal in person with the AODIB. Final approval will happen on September 16, 2017. 

A second call for proposals will be launched on September 18, 2017. The closing date will be November 15, 2017. Further information will be available on the AODI web page​ on launch day.​