New hand fractures manual launched during Davos Courses 2015

(From L-R) Kodi Kojima, Jesse Jupiter, Renato Fricker, and Fiesky Nuñez  

AOTrauma released its latest book publication Manual of Fracture Management—Hand at an official ceremony held during the first morning tea of Davos Courses 2015.

Chair of AOTrauma Education Commission Kodi Kojima congratulated the books editors, Jesse Jupiter from the USA, Fiesky Nunez from Venezuela, and Renato Fricker from Switzerland, and thanked them for their enormous contribution to AO Foundation education.

“Over recent years there has been tremendous innovation in hand surgery, with the development of new technologies and new surgical techniques, so it was decided that an up to date publication on hand surgery should be produced,” Kodi announced.

“But I would like to thank the books editors Jesse, Fiesky and Renato not just for the development of this fine publication but also for their ongoing commitment towards AO education. Indeed, It is my honor to congratulate them and all those involved and I look forward to their continued contribution in the future,” he said.

Book co-editor and Chair of the Hand and Wrist Course Jesse Jupiter then thanked AOTrauma for their approval and assistance in making the book, and also thanked the AO Education Institute, including AO Publishing and AO Surgery Reference for providing the resources to make the book.

He also thanked the many colleagues and contributors that provided input into the book, either directly or through their involvement in other AO education activities.

All three editors then joined Kodi on stage to cut the ribbon from the first book, launching the book for sale.

The book is available through the Thieme publishing website at​.

AOTrauma members receive a 20% discount on this and all AO publications.

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