Manual of Fracture Management—Hand updated book coming in 2015

Following the very successful Manual of Fracture Management—Hand and Wrist book, AOTrauma is pleased to announce that an updated publication dedicated to the hand will be released later in 2015 titled "Manual of Fracture Management—Hand".

Under the editorship of world-renowned trauma surgeon (and prolific AO contributor) Jesse Jupiter, as well as fellow hand experts Fiesky Nunez and Renato Fricker, the Manual of Fracture Management—Hand will cover a wide range of techniques and approaches. It will provide an extensive list of in-depth case studies for fractures and disorders of the proximal, middle and distal phalanxes, PIP joint fracture dislocations, fractures of the thumb and metacarpals, delayed/nonunions and other complex cases.

Further information on this exciting new publication will be provided in the new year.