AO Strategy Fund update

Eleven projects have been shortlisted for the next phase of the Strategy Fund.  More...

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  • Website Maintenance

    Tuesday, 29 April, 2014, 07:00–10:00 CET

  • AO Strategy Fund update

    Eleven projects have been shortlisted for the next phase of the Strategy Fund.

  • AO Patient Outcomes Center

    AOPOC: revolutionizing the collection of patient outcome measures! First patients recruited in Boston for this AOCID initiative.

  • Die Lehrlingsausbildung an der AO Foundation

    Ganz im Sinne des dualen Bildungssystem bietet die AO Berufslehren in den Bereichen IT, KV, Labor und Werkstatt an. The AO is committed to apprenticeships for IT, commercial apprentice, laboratory assistants and mechanics to applicants from across Switzerland. The AO Apprentice web pages are available in German only as apprenticeship applicants are mostly German-speaking Swiss. (Article in German and English.)​ ​​​​

  • ARI-TUHH scientific exchange meeting

    AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) hosted scientific get together with the Institute of Biomechanics from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany in February 2014.

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AO Traumakurs für Studenten der ETHZ und der ZHAW
25–26 April 2014, Davos, Switzerland

BIOBONE-ITN FP7 Workshop on
Cell-material interactions

27–30 April, Davos, Switzerland

AOTrauma Regional Course Europe
May 3–6, 2014, Cracow, Poland

Congresso Brasileiro de Trauma Ortopédico
May 8–10, 2014, Gramado/RS, Brazil

World Forum for Spine Research​
May 15–17, 2014

ESTES Congress 2014
May 24–27, 2014, Frankfurt, Germany

AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
May 29–30, 2014, Murnau, Germany

EFORT Congress 2014
June 4–7, 2014, London, UK

eCM XV: Cartilage & Disc: Repair and Regeneration
June 16–18, 2014, Davos, Switzerland

DKOU – Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie
October 28–31, 2014, Berlin, Germany

AO Publications and Journals

Periprosthetic Fracture Management
The new Periprosthetic Fracture Management book is now available for purchase online and in bookstores.

Science in Spine
This four book series from AOSpine provides a robust foundation for clinical management, outcome assessment, and research in spine surgery.