AONeuro at the Davos Courses 2015

Taking cranial neurological care to the next level

In January, AONeuro successfully held its first course on the African continent. Gathering together in Cape Town, South Africa, an international group of 14 AONeuro faculty experts, joining from the US, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, and South Africa, presented a comprehensive, two-day program to 38 surgeons and surgical trainees from across seven African countries. The timely course led-up to the 12th Symposium of the International Neurotrauma Society, which was held directly afterwards in Cape Town.

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AONeuro at the Davos Courses 2015—Taking cranial neurological care to the next level
At the Davos Courses 2015, the latest in cranial neurological education was presented at the AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma, and at the AONeuro Webinar on Neurovascular Trauma.

Neurovascular Trauma Webinar
On Monday, December 14, over 100 participants, from Peru to Nepal, and Jordan to South Korea, joined in to listen to the current best approaches, challenges, and pitfalls for diagnosing and managing traumatic cerebrovascular injuries in the AONeuro Neurovascular Trauma webinar. José Fernández-Alén (ES), Rocco Armando (US) and Christian Matula (AT) described the clinical presentation of internal carotid and vertebral injuries, and the epidemiology and mechanism of blunt cerebrovascular injuries. Different screening criteria and the importance of early diagnosis for the treatment of these lesions were discussed. Various treatment protocols used in most of the dedicated trauma centers were also addressed.

According to Rocco: "This topic is highly topical as new tools for treatment become available, and because these aneurysms are not straightforward in their treatment. As the example in the webcast shows, doctors can do everything right and still not have a favorable outcome."

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AONeuro Course—Neurotrauma
From December 15-17, the AONeuro Course in Neurotrauma took place. Chairs Francesco Biroli (IT) and Rocco Armonda (US), together with international faculty: Michael Bierschneider (DE), José Carreño (CO), José Fernández-Alén (ES), Anthony Figaji (ZA), Christian Matula (AT), David Okonkwo (US), Wai Poon (CN), Massimo Scerrati (IT) and Teiji Tominaga (JP), brought the latest developments in combined brain and spinal cord trauma to course participants.

The three day program consisted of lectures, practical sessions, and case-based discussions, covering the management of neurotrauma and skull base fractures, neuromonitoring, addressing complications, and the planning and performing of state-of-the-art reconstructive surgery. The course also included the new, unified AO Thoracolumbar Classification System, which incorporates both fracture morphology and clinical factors relevant for clinical decision making.

Overall, the 30 participants, who joined from 18 countries, found the course to be very applicable to their daily practice. Over 80% of the participants work as cranial neurosurgeons in either a Level 1 trauma center or local university hospital.

A final "thank you"
The AONeuro Initiative wishes to thank the course chairs and faculty for their support at the Davos Courses 2015 for their educational efforts to improve the treatment of cranial neurological injuries.

AONeuro in 2016
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