AONeuro in Changsha, China

The successful AONeuro Symposium, which was held on April 21, 2016 in Changsha, China, brought knowledge on the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI) to over 80 participants.

The symposium’s central location in China made it possible for more than 80 participants to attend.

The incidence of TBI in China
TBIs are one of the leading causes of death and disability in China. Over one million of China’s 1.38 billion inhabitants suffer from TBIs every year. Largely due to the increasing use of motor vehicles, this figure is expected to continue to rise, which makes specialized training to improve patient outcomes in traumatic brain injuries especially important in China.

Sharing the latest developments and insights in managing TBIs
At the AONeuro Symposium in Changsha, China, an international group of AONeuro faculties and experts, including course directors Guo-Yi Gao (CN) and Jinfang Liu (CN), course chair Jiyao Jiang (CN), course co-chair Geoffrey Manley (US), international faculty members Andrew Maas (BE), Paul Manson (US), and David Okonkwo (US), as well as national faculty member Jin Hu (CH), led the participants through an exceptional program, which shared the latest developments and insights in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

Dr Manley presenting on the incidences of TBI.

Course feedback
Feedback by surgeons from the Hunan Province Brain Surgery Hospital who attended the course shared: "We learned a lot about ICP monitoring at the AO course, especially from Dr Manley’s lectures. We now have full confidence in the ICP technique.”

Dr Geoff Manley, a San Francisco-based neurosurgeon, provided in-depth lectures on intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring. His well-received presentations covered the history of ICP monitoring, the various tiers of treatments, and other important aspects that need to be addressed when dealing with these injuries. 

Going forward, AONeuro will continue to be active in China to support surgeons in dealing with TBI.