Davos Course lectures 2014

Read about the courses and events that were held at the Davos Courses 2014 below.

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​Lecture ​Date Faculty
AO history, structure, and membership ​December 2014​ ​P. Manson December 2015​
Neurotrauma mechanisms and epidemiology ​December 2014 ​C. Matula​ December 2015​
Neurotrauma and imaging ​December 2014 ​D. Okonkwo ​December 2015
TBI guidelines ​​December 2014 ​S. Lewis ​December 2015
Neuromonitoring–past, present, and future ​​​December 2014 ​A. Peraud ​December 2015
The new AO classification of skull base fractures ​December 2014 C. Matula​​ ​December 2015
The neurosurgeon and ballistic injuries ​December 2014 ​R. Armonda ​December 2015
Consequences of skull base and sinus fractures December 2014​ ​P. Manson ​December 2015
Traumatic cerebrospinal fluid leak management ​December 2014​ ​C. Deopujari ​December 2015
Neurovascular injuries and multi-trauma ​December 2014 ​R. Armonda ​December 2015
Hypothermia and TBI in China ​December 2014 J. Jiang​ December 2015​
Hypothermia and TBI in the USA ​​December 2014 ​​D. Okonkwo ​December 2015​
Hypothermia in wartime blast injuries ​​​December 2014 ​R. Armonda ​December 2015​
Concussion in sports ​​​​December 2014 ​​S. Lewis ​December 2015
Cranioplasty and scalp reconstruction ​​​​December 2014​ ​P. Manson ​December 2015
AONeuro—steps into the future ​​​​​December 2014 ​C. Matula​ ​December 2015
​​Reconstruction of the cranial vault and skull base ​December 2014​ ​C. Matula​ July 2015​
Horizons in research–TBI and concussion ​December 2014 ​D. Okonkwo ​May 2015